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 'Inquiry learning is a social process in which students learn from each other in a community of learners."

  Carol Kuhlthau Guided Inquiry;Learning in the 21st Century



Companion Wiki to the Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2008 Pre-Conference Session 21, Wiki With Us



Carol Koechlin

Education Consultant & Author of Beyond Bird Units, Q-Tasks.

Anita Brooks Kirkland

Library Consultant, Information Technology Services, Waterloo Region District School Board.


Session Description:

Working and learning together in a Web2 environment is empowering for all learners. In this session we will build an understanding together of how the wiki can be used to engage students in collaborative knowledge building. No previous knowledge of a wiki is necessary for this workshop. We will cover the basics of wiki design and move into application of Think Models that make the best use of this unique learning environment.


Table of Contents


About the Read-Write Web

21st Century Learning

Learners Today

Big Shifts

Think Models

Wiki Sites

Building Understanding



The Sandbox